The industry has responded to cybersecurity issues with techniques to validate and evaluate the risks, having a strong impact on the implementation of both software and hardware. At the same time, new ways to hack vehicles have been discovered. To minimize the impact of this problem it is important to protect vehicles at all the levels.


Our team of professionals in automotive cybersecurity provides their experience in all development phases of automotive systems related to cybersecurity. We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Cybersecurity Concept according to ISO21434 and SAEJ3061
    • Threat analysis risk assessment
    • Requirements for automotive cybersecurity features
    • Cybersecurity assessment for features/items
  • Cybersecurity evaluation on vehicles
  • Cybersecurity architecture design
  • Over-the-air security updates and procedures
  • Automotive cybersecurity training
  • Gap analysis and support on the development of compliance for upcoming regulations and standards


CyberBox tool

The system developed by Applus+ IDIADA makes it possible to assess the extent to which a vehicle is cybersecure, allowing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and TIERs to identify solutions and avoid potential market recalls. The system responds to the growing need in the automobile sector for a comprehensive solution that facilitates the development of cybersecure connected vehicles. As well as meeting current needs, it is flexible enough to expand to encompass future new attack vectors, fulfilling the requirements of (new) standards and certification programmes. Although cybersecurity issues do not always affect the physical safety of users, they may affect the automobile’s privacy and/or functionality. Critical vulnerabilities were found in some of the targeted vehicle systems, but not in others. This implies that these vehicles were not tested for those areas but, had they been tested, these vulnerabilities could have been detected and corrected.

The cybersecurity evaluation tool created by Applus+ IDIADA combines various hardware tools, together with software that enables automated operation. The tool analyses connectivity vectors in the automobile that may affect the functionality, safety or privacy of it and/or the user in the event of a cyberattack. The solution also includes a web service that contains the algorithms, stores tests and their results, and launches the software. At the end of a test, the system can generate automatic reports for further documentation.

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