Applus+ IDIADA in brief

Applus IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry with over 30 years’ experience supporting its clients in product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services.

IDIADA’s success in product development is built on a unique blend of highly experienced engineers, state-of-the-art test and development facilities and the constant drive towards innovation. The company has 2.850 professionals and an international network of 56 subsidiaries and branch offices in 22 countries, ensuring its clients receive fast, customized solutions.

Engineering services:

IDIADA provides comprehensive design, engineering, and validation services for vehicle development projects in the fields of: 

  • ADAS & CAV
  • Body Development
  • Chassis Development
  • Durability & Reliability
  • Electronics
  • HVAC & thermal comfort
  • NVH
  • Passive Safety
  • Powertrain 

Proving grounds:

IDIADA has the most comprehensive proving grounds in Europe and Asia, located in Spain and China. Both facilities offer excellent customer support and a wide variety of test tracks withthe highest standards of safety and confidentiality.

Homologation services:

IDIADA offers homologation services in accordance with all European EC and ECE Regulations. We are also accredited for Australia, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and give consultancy services to other countries and regions such as South America (including Brazil), China, Russia, Middle East, Gulf Countries, ASEAN, USA, Canada, among others.

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About IDIADA Automotive Technology

IDIADA A.T. (80% owned by Applus+ and 20% by the Government of Catalonia) has been operating under an exclusive contract from the 351-hectare technology centre near Barcelona (owned by the Government of Catalonia) since 1999. The contract to operate the business and use the assets runs until September 2024 and although it is renewable in five-year periods until 2049, it has been decided that there will be no further extensions but a tender for a new 20 or 25 year concession.



News' Carousel

  • 02/03/2023 IDIADA's Regulatory Information System (IRIS) closes 2022 with more than 40 customers
  • 26/02/2023 Applus+ IDIADA develops a set of procedures to understand occupant behaviour in pre-crash scenarios
  • 15/02/2023 Applus+ IDIADA is a notified body for the certification of CE marked PPE after obtaining the new ISO17065 accreditation
  • 23/01/2023 Applus+ IDIADA continues to enhance its Proving Ground test tracks for 2023

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