Applus IDIADA is a designated technical service for the European homologation of trucks and special motor vehicles.






Applus IDIADA has a long experience in the homologation of different technical aspects in an N2/N3 vehicle with European and non-European manufacturers.

Applus IDIADA homologation engineers can move to the manufacturer’s premises to carry out or witness the homologation tests. Alternatively, the prototype can be sent to our HQ for testing.

Applus IDIADA, as technical consultant for the Spanish administration, participates in the Geneva/Brussels working groups for regulation development.

Being designated by different approval authorities in Europe, Applus IDIADA offers the following services:

  • Whole vehicle type-approval EC/2007/46 for complete/incomplete N2 / N3 vehicles
  • Whole vehicle type-approval EC/2007/46 for completed vehicles (bodybuilders) of M2 / M3 categories
  • National type-approval / NKS short series / SVA in various European states
  • EC directives/ECE regulations approvals for systems and components
  • Test reports valid for National type-approval in Spain and other EU states
  • Special regulations/special transport (heavy masses – big dimensions)
  • COP periodical product and process audits / production vehicle tests
  • Verification of important modifications of vehicles according to different national laws