Inaugurated in 1994, Applus IDIADA proving ground is the most comprehensive independent proving ground in Europe.
In our 370 hectares main Technical Centre we have the most com-prehensive independent proving ground in Europe. As a multi-user facility, safety and confidentiality are of the highest priority. At Applus IDIADA all reasonable steps have been taken to create an ideal working environment, which complies with even the most stringent industrial standards.
Located close to the Mediterranean coast, the favourable climate allows all-year-round testing. Summer temperatures are ideal for hot climate tests and development programmes are able to continue independently of the weather during the winter months, making this facility the first choice regardless of type of testing. The result is that the l'Albornar complex is recognised as one of the best facilities of its type in the world, and is renowned for the quality of its customer services.
We offer the highest level of customer support combined with first-class test tracks and fully-equipped confidential workshops.
  • Excellent climatic conditions allow for year-round testing.
  • The allocation of a dedicated customer service representative for each testing team ensures that the testing program runs smoothly and that objectives are achieved on time and within budget.
  • Confidentiality and security are of the highest priority. The complex is designed to easily monitor all movement.
  • ADAS system
  • Product class
Proving ground map