Concept digital modelling


  • Direct surface modeling based on styling sketches – volume studies
  • Basic digital model instead of traditional clay model
  • No physical model is necessary - Reduction of time
  • Focused on style - Some technical limits are ignored
  • Surfaces are tuned in following Class A stage
  • Software ICEM Surf Magic, ALIAS

Class A surfacing


  • Modelling of all the surfaces visible to customer
  • Emphasis on optical quality and feasibility
  • Input: Concept digital model, scan of clay model or styling sketches
  • Technical limits: Technology, gap plan, inner structure parts…
  • Regulations:Pedestrian and passenger safety
  • Ergonomics: Package
  • Software ICEM Surf

Quick surfacing


  • Fast creation of surfaces on scans of physical models
  • Time priority: Less emphasis on the quality of the surfaces
  • Surfaces for early development purposes:
CAE meshing / CFD mainly
Pedestrian safety analyses
Early feasibility checks
Concept design…
Software: ICEM quick surfacing

Visualization – Virtual reality


  • 3D realtime photorealistic presentations
  • Exterior and interior
  • Animations: Opening of doors, sliding of seats…
  • Export   RTT DeltaView or *.avi files
  • Software RTT DeltaGen.