IDIADA offers services from the earliest stages of vehicle development, the initial phase being design, where an idea starts taking shape evolving into a whole process that may take some years until the product appears on the market.


The design appears from the first sketches and acquires volume with the modelling of the first 3D surfaces. From there, all the work of moving the lines forward and backward to adapt to the different feasibilities and engineering requirements begins, thus finding the ideal compromise that makes the first sketches differ as little as possible from the final product.



Style is what visually differentiates one product from another and is also the identifying feature of a brand. That is why at IDIADA we support our clients by helping them to find and develop the most appropriate and creative design to meet the most demanding requirements.

In design, we offer either a benchmarking study to find a strategy or brand language, or freehand sketches for different model/object proposals to be created. We cover both the vehicle's exterior and interior design, as well as the various components.

Our design services include:

  • Research and benchmarking
  • Market and competition analysis
  • 2D design: creation of concept sketches
  • Selection and development of styling concepts
  • Style development and 3D visualization (sketch modelling)

At IDIADA, we know how important confidentiality is for our clients in styling work, that's why we meet the highest security standards and adapt to the particular requirements of each client.



IDIADA has a robust modelling team for both exterior and interior surfaces. Our service ranges from the initial phases of the design process -in which we start from the first 2D sketches to convert them into styling surface volumes to view the real 3D proportions in 3D to make the first feasibility checks- until the final phases of the project, in which we develop Class-A (or “Strak”) surfaces to take the different parts of the vehicle to production.

Digitalization helps to reduce costs and time in product development, allowing many more styling proposals and technical requirements to be applied. It is also very important in monitoring the development of the style in its different phases, which is why visualization -whether in 3D virtual reality or in photo-realistic images- helps in deciding the path to follow in this process.

At IDIADA, we constantly aim to be at the forefront of technology, which is why we also have a design algorithm service for the creation of styling patterns on surfaces, reducing time and allowing the visualization of many more proposals. As time is vital in all projects, at IDIADA we have adapted to the latest trends in modelling by adding 3D programmes for visualization and rendering with truly spectacular results.

Our surfacing services include:

  • Concept Digital Modelling
  • Class-A (or “Strak”) surfaces
  • Visualization or virtual reality services
  • Algorithm design

Our surfacing team is located mainly in Brazil, Czech Republic, and Spain, with an extensive team of experienced modellers for Class-A surface design services for both exterior and interior and components.


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