Applus IDIADA’s Regulatory Information System, I.R.I.S, brings you all the knowledge that IDIADA’s homologation experts have in terms of current and future motor vehicle regulations at an international level.

I.R.I.S. is not an off-the-shelf service, rather I.R.I.S will answer your specific needs and adapt to your preferences to make sure it contributes to your objectives in an efficient and relevant way. Some examples of the services that I.R.I.S. provides are:
  • Reports on certification requirements These reports include all type-approval requirements concerning specific vehicle categories in particular regions. This consultancy service gives essential information such as:
  • Approval authorities
  • Homologation scheme
  • Approval process and approval options
  • Documentation needed for the approval
  • Approval schedule
  • Current technical requirements


  • Regulatory information newsletter The newsletter service consists of providing a regular information service concerning regulation updates for the countries and vehicle categories selected by the customer. The information is provided to the customer periodically as follows: - Warning bulletins informing on time about incoming changes to the regulations, with a short summary describing the changes, during the entire period of subscription. The related regulatory act will also be attached, when not covered by copyright. - A monthly newsletter report containing all the information bulletins issued during one month.


  • Technical report on specific issues This type of report involves analytic studies on precise subjects, markets and vehicle categories chosen by the customer. These deliverables cover the examination of technical issues resulting in equivalence and comparative tables between different markets, studies of one requirement in different countries or documents with future type-approval requirements among others.


  • I.R.I.S. Regulatory database The database offers permanent access to the entire European, United Nations, China and US legislation with an organized structure with the possibility of getting flexible results through powerful filters. The database contains the latest versions of consolidated regulations supplied in PDF files. The tool also incorporates for each regulation a complete and detailed description of technical attributes that allow parametric comparisons between corresponding regulations from different markets. For a better understanding of the application, you can try it for a trial period in which you can experience the use of our tool.


  • Other service Additionally, I.R.I.S. provides, among other specific services required by our customers, a support service to answer any questions the customer may have about regulatory issues.

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