IRIS stands for Applus+ IDIADA’s Automotive Regulatory Information System and is the Regulatory Technical Knowledge solution developed by IDIADA’s Homologation department that keeps you updated on actual and upcoming worldwide regulations. IRIS brings you all the knowledge that our vehicle homologation experts have in terms of current and future motor vehicle regulations at an international level.  

Our mission is to lead the digital management of regulatory technical knowledge in vehicle certification through a digital platform that is innovative and user-centric. We prioritize the needs and experiences of our users through innovation and artificial intelligence, offering an efficient and adaptive solution that continuously improves their performance and satisfaction.   

With the latest technologies, we ensure our clients the highest levels of efficiency and excellence in regulatory technical knowledge management, optimizing their productivity and facilitating the search and retrieval of technical results worldwide.  


IRIS brings together valuable worldwide type-approval know-how of current and forthcoming regulations for motor vehicles at international level.  

Our technical experts work directly with official bodies and take part in the main vehicle regulatory working groups. They periodically attend European Commission and United Nations working group meetings. In this way, our automotive regulatory platform not only offers updated regulatory information, but also the latest interpretations, amendments, and the most relevant proposals issued from regulatory working groups.  


Check out IDIADA’s Automotive Regulatory Information System product sheet for more information, a demo, or a quotation.


Vehicle Regulatory Knowledge Base

IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base is an Intelligent and Dynamic Platform that provides accurate, customized, and structured regulatory technical knowledge for the automotive industry. Integrated into the new IDIADA Homologation Apps ecosystem, IRIS delivers the right knowledge tothe right people at the right time. 

You will find:  





IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base is a source of well-structured automotive technical knowledge where you will find:

  • Accurate vehicle regulatory information
  • Permanent access to international up-to-date legislation
  • Latest amendments and consolidated versions of the regulations
  • First-hand interpretations; IDIADA’s technical experts attend European Commission and UNECE working group meetings to participate in the rule-making process
  • Relevant proposals issued by automotive regulatory working groups and official bodies
  • Powerful Technical Attributes tool that makes comparisons between tests with similar typologies, previously defined as comparable, between different markets

Automotive regulations can be recovered using a powerful search engine. This is possible because all the regulations in the IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base are fully described and classified. This allows the customer to recover detailed and accurate information according to their preferences and needs in the shortest possible time.


Vehicle Regulatory Monitoring Reports

IRIS Vehicle regulatory reports consist of regular information digests about regulation updates, specific technical or administrative issues, and comprehensive studies of all the relevant information regarding a specific issue and information for accessing specific markets.

IRIS Regulatory Monitoring Report

This service consists of providing the customer with a regular service of information concerning regulation updates for the countries and vehicle categories selected by the customer.

The information is provided in two-time intervals:

  • Alert Bulletins

Alert bulletins inform on time about upcoming changes to the regulations submitted, accompanied by a short abstract describing such changes during the entire subscription period and in a continuous manner. The related regulatory act is attached when not affected by copyright.

  • Monthly Newsletter Reports

A monthly newsletter report containing all the information bulletins issued for one month. It includes comprehensive studies on relevant information regarding specific issues and for accessing specific markets.

IRIS Global Automotive Regulatory Monitoring Report

This service provides users with monthly digests with regular information concerning regulatory summaries containing significant regulatory developments affecting M- and N-category vehicles in various markets.

IRIS Regulatory Monitoring Report for L-category vehicles

This service provides users with information on regulatory issues worldwide, latest published news by Public Organizations, and upcoming industry regulatory events concerning L-category vehicles.


Automotive Technical Research and Consultancy Services

Research and consultancy services according to users’ specific requirements, focusing on the markets, and the current or future regulation.

Technical Research Studies on Specific Issues

These are analytic studies on precise subjects, markets, and vehicle categories chosen by the user. The deliverables cover the examination of technical issues resulting in equivalence and comparative tables between different markets, studies of a requirement in different countries, or documents with future type-approval requirements, among other topics.

Technical Research of Certification Requirements

These studies cover all type-approval vehicle categories in specific regions. This consultancy service provides essential information such as homologation scheme, approval process and options, documentation needed for the approval, approval schedule, current technical requirements, etc.  


Regulatory Support Service

The IRIS team provides e-mail customer support services to cover all questions emerging from users’ regulatory issues. In-depth query discussions can be addressed by telephone or videocall.


The IRIS Regulatory platform is constantly evolving and receives regular updates with new accurate regulatory information, first-hand interpretations, amendments, and the most relevant proposals issued from regulatory working groups and official bodies.

IRIS is not a generic service; IRIS will answer specific needs and adapt to user’s preferences, making sure it contributes to fulfill user objectives in an efficient and relevant way.


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