Applus+ IDIADA has extensive capabilities in designing and validating digital test facilities for the automotive industry.


With our own Driving Simulator Laboratories in Europe and China, IDIADA has the ability to design and validate in a faster and more efficient way, providing the possibility to test real driving conditions virtually. The digital models created by us are ready to be used in its driving simulators, making it possible to test vehicle performance in various scenarios.

One of the main purposes of the digital test facility model that IDIADA generates is to create a driveable model for test tracks analysis and dynamics validation of the track. This includes, among others, the design of high banked high-speed tracks, or validation of ADAS systems.

Applus+ IDIADA also generates CRG file based on the geometrical definition of special pavements, such as cobblestone, paved rough road, Belgian pave, etc. This file can be used by simulation software, such as ADAMS, for dynamic testing.

Our capabilities also extend to creating CARLA models, which can be imported into simulation software for ADAS. This allows the testing of ADAS and CAV (Connected and Automated Vehicles) systems in multiple scenarios that can be easily adjusted.

Additionally, we create 3D videos and models for marketing purposes, which are useful for showcasing the design and capabilities of digital test facilities to potential clients. These 3D models can provide a realistic and immersive experience for customers, helping them to better understand the capabilities of the test facility.

Overall, Applus+ IDIADA's capabilities in designing and validating digital test facilities are a valuable asset for the automotive industry. Our ability to create accurate and efficient models allows for faster and more effective testing, which can ultimately result in optimizing the development costs and safer driving conditions.



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