Applus+ IDIADA has extensive experience in providing consultancy services during the construction of test facilities, which includes but is not limited to the following capabilities:


Asphalt Mixture Design

We have a dedicated team of experts who can design the optimal asphalt mixtures based on the most restrictive surface conditions in terms of rolling noise, noise absorption, mean depth profile, sound absorption, coefficient of adherence, wet grip R117, and other related factors. The team can also study the local materials available in the zone where the track is going to be built and propose an asphaltic mixture that is not only technically efficient but also cost-effective.

Construction Methodology and Recommendations

We provide detailed construction methodology recommendations based on our extensive experience in designing and building automotive test tracks. This includes guidance on the selection of materials, equipment, and construction techniques, as well as the appropriate sequencing of construction activities that a Proving Ground requires.

Additionally, IDIADA provides recommendations on construction procedures and techniques such as site preparation, excavation, grading, drainage, asphalt execution and procedures, which are critical to the successful construction of a test facility.

Acceptance Criteria

We assist our clients in defining acceptance criteria for the construction of test facilities that the contractor needs to follow. This can help ensure that the constructed facility meets the required specifications and standards, and is fit for its intended purpose.

Surface Treatments

We provide guidance on the selection of appropriate surface treatments for test tracks with particular requirements or that need to be treated, including coatings, polishing procedures or sealants. IDIADA can also assist in the application of these treatments and provide recommendations on their maintenance.

Water Requirements for Wet Tracks

We provide recommendations on the water requirements for wet test tracks, including the type of water system needed, water quality standards, and water treatment options.

On-site support

During the construction phase, IDIADA assists the contractor by means of visits on site or regular online support in order to resolve particular issues related to automotive test tracks or laboratories engineering and executions.


Applus+ IDIADA provides assistance during the commissioning of the test facility, including the inspection of the facility and validation test. This ensures that the facility is operational and ready for use as soon as possible.

In summary, IDIADA has a wealth of expertise and experience in providing consultancy services during the construction of test facilities. With our comprehensive services, we can support our clients to ensure that their test facilities meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and durability.


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