Applus+IDIADA supports your development needs for current and future connected vehicle technologies including the most widely accepted access technologies:

  • Short range communications: ETSI ITS G5/WAVE (IEEE 802.11p) and C-V2X
  • Long range communications: From 2G to 5G latest release


We provide expertise and know-how during the whole development cycle: from the design stages, through the implementation and including its verification, validation and assessment (including XiL, test tracks and open roads).

Applus+ IDIADA has also deployed state-of-the-art test facilities in order to provide the necessary flexibility, robustness and safety for the thorough validation of connected vehicle technologies at system and vehicle level. These connectivity features include:

  • Proprietary ETSI ITS V2X (WiFi IEEE 802.11p) network able to switch between European and American standards
  • Vehicle connectivity testing (vehicle to cloud, cybersecurity) in a controlled environment. Proprietary Mobile Network including new 5G technology


Connectivity is also part of current regulations for new vehicle type approval. Applus+ IDIADA can support you in your development and integration of eCALL, ERA GLONASS and UNECE AECS systems and help you to have them ready for official testing in time.

Applus+IDIADA can also support you in the the design and development of your test facilities and proving ground fulfilling your client’s requirements based on IDIADA’s own experience and approach:

  • In-house expertise in international automotive testing, engineering and homologation
  • Task force with the participation of experts in all CAV development areas
  • Experience to design and implement Test Facilities and Proving Ground fulfilling confidentiality and safety requirements
  • Independence from OEM’s and test equipment suppliers