FISITA awards an Applus+ IDIADA paper that develops a methodology to create a virtual model of a hydrogen vehicle from real data


    The FISITA World Congress has recognized one of the papers presented by Applus+ IDIADA during the event. The paper, signed by Marina Roche, Pablo Cano, César Guillén and Daniela de Lima and Pedro Maroto, from the IDIADA Powertrain team, describes an innovative methodology to generate a virtual model of a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) using only experimental test data from a real vehicle.

    Using in-house data analysis tools, the team is able to identify the characteristics of the vehicle's components and energy management strategies to create a validated simulation model with an error of less than 3% in hydrogen consumption. The simulation platform covers all key aspects of an FCEV, from the fuel cell and balance-of-plant components, to the high-voltage battery, the electric motor and the vehicle model itself.

    The platform allows vehicle behaviour to be simulated in different contexts and driving conditions to virtually assess how variations in control and components affect vehicle performance and energy consumption. In addition, this virtual model runs faster than in real time, enabling efficient optimization of the energy management strategy over longer routes.

    Applus+ IDIADA: A key partner in the development of automotive hydrogen technologies

    This research is part of Applus+ IDIADA's investment in new measurement capabilities and complete instrumentation of hydrogen vehicles, as well as in advanced simulation tools for the virtual development of fuel cells. All this with the goal of positioning Applus+ IDIADA as a key partner in the development of this technology and in the training of new professionals.

    During FISITA, Applus+ IDIADA presented a total of 27 technical papers in various fields, such as ADAS, homologation, powertrain, safety, simulation, among others; as well as six focused on the braking industry within the framework of EuroBrake. All the technical papers will soon be available on FISITA’s website library.

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