Sys2WHEEL Project


    City logistics is one of the most polluting segments of the transport sector. Due to their operating pattern, urban freight vehicles result in ~ 20% of energy consumption of overall road transport  and substantially contribute to CO2 emissions, NOx emissions and particulate matter in large cities, with a significant negative impact on public health and on the liveability of cities.

    To tackle this problem, policy makers such as the European Commission set the goal of reaching CO2 free city logistics by 2030 and, in agreement with this many European, US and Asian regions and cities have begun to tighten emission targets.

    Considering that urban freight transport is expected to grow by 39% in Europe by 2030 compared to 2006 (in tonne-kilometres), the development of clean, efficient and high-capacity fleets is the only way to maintain competitiveness, economic growth and consequently job preservation in Europe.

    The ultimate goal of sys2WHEEL is to develop sustainable city logistics and improve mobility, accessibility, and quality of life of European citizens through the development and integration of advanced drive train components, time-sensitive networks, and ICT based software solutions.

    The uniqueness of the project is based on the availability of two demonstrators of urban freight vehicles (N2 IVECO and N1 TOF) that respond to different market needs, transmission architectures and software technologies and that will demonstrate scalability, transferability and benefits of sys2WHEEL solutions in a representative environment.

    The demonstrators are:

    • IVECO Daily (N2): à e-axle solution
    • Fiat Doblò (N1): à in-Wheel solution

    IDIADA’s engineers will take care of the testing and characterization of the demonstrators and the corresponding "Baseline" vehicles, of the NVH (3D CAE) analysis of the power units, of the realization of vehicle dynamics models and of the thermal management of the vehicles.

    Our project partners are AVL, Elaphe, FPT Industrial, HiWi tronics, IESTA, IVECO, Softwheel, TOFAS, TTTechAuto, University of Surrey, Virtual vehicle.

    For more detailed information on the project, visit the Sys2WHEEL Project website.

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement number 824244.

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