Applus IDIADA as main purpose is to solve the homologation needs of our clients, wherever they need to export their vehicles, with the aim of becoming their worldwide homologation partner.


Applus IDIADA’s main roles to achieve this objective are:

  • Designated technical service
  • Homologation consultancy

Applus IDIADA as designated technical service

  • For Europe, by the following approval authorities
Spain (MINCOTUR) All European and ECE regulations
Netherlands (RDW) All European and ECE regulations
Germany (KBA) Brake systems and components
  • For Japan, by NTSEL, within the following areas: Emissions and fuel consumption, noise, brake systems, head lamps and passive safety (occupant protection and pedestrian protection)
  • For Australia, for ADR regulations
  • For Taiwan, by VSCC, for the whole list of regulations
  • For Gulf countries, by GSO and SASO, for GS and SASO regulations
  • For Brazil, by IBAMA and CETESB, for emissions

Applus IDIADA as homologation consultancy

  • In all those countries where only local national laboratories can be designated, such as: China, Korea, India, Russia, South American countries (i.e. Chile, Brazil)
  • And in self-certification countries such as USA