The Applus+ IDIADA team is skilled in designing the optimal pavement and asphalt mixtures according to the most restrictive surface conditions.


Regarding asphalt mixtures, we have extensive experience in designing special pavements required for test tracks such as:

These pavements have very restrictive requirements in terms on rolling noise and rolling resistance, noise absorption, texture MPD, sound absorption, coefficient of adherence.

We can study the local materials available in the zone where the track is going to be built in order to propose an asphaltic mixture that is not only technically efficient, but also cost-effective and feasible.

In addition to designing the optimal asphalt mixtures, our experts can assist the contractor during the paving of the asphalt in order to achieve the right results. They can also prepare an action plan for special pavements in order to achieve or recover the desired performances. This includes designing special surfaces for NVH and Durability testing. The design includes all the detailed geometry needed for the contractor to execute it properly.

Track validation support

Applus+ IDIADA can also perform and assess the vehicle tests required for track validation.  We check the final results of the mixture and issue a validation report. Moreover, we collaborate with experienced contractors to ensure the highest quality of pavement design and construction.

High-performance asphalts

Furthermore, Applus+ IDIADA has participated in research projects related to high-performance asphalts. This has allowed the company to stay at the forefront of the latest advancements and technologies in the field of pavement design.

In conclusion, our capabilities in pavement design include a wide range of services, from designing the optimal asphalt mixtures to assisting in the construction process, preparing an action plan for pavements that requires reconditioning, conducting tests and issuing validation reports, and collaborating with experienced contractors. This expertise, combined with the company's participation in research projects related to high performance asphalts, enables IDIADA to provide its clients with cost-effective and efficient pavement solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements.


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