IDIADA’s Proving Ground team is made up of professionals dedicated to ensuring a productive and safe testing environment for all our clients.


An integral part of our Proving Ground team is the Safety team. These specialists are provided with advanced safety equipment and have undergone an exhaustive safety training programme to handle emergency situations requiring immediate intervention, firefighting and rescue techniques.

Beyond one-off emergency situations, the primary function of the Safety team is risk evaluation and prevention. Our aim is to anticipate and reduce possible dangers, both on and off the tracks.


Safety Briefings:

The Safety team is responsible for presenting daily safety briefings, in which the main Proving Ground rules and regulations are outlined to all new clients before getting the IDIADA Proving Ground driving license.

This is an important first contact for all clients as it enables them to get familiar with the tracks and their location within the Proving Ground facilities.

Clients can clarify doubts and raise questions regarding their specific tests, which will be answered first-hand by the team responsible for their safety.


Track Presence:

  • 24-hour track vigilance, 7 days a week
  • Testing supervision
  • Ensuring that all tests/vehicles comply with regulations
  • Daily on-track supervision of restricted timeframe tests
  • On-track supervision of test drives/special events
  • Guaranteeing on track confidentiality for all clients
  • Supervision of on-track filming sessions


On-Track Controllers:

The Safety team also act as track controllers in Dynamics and ADAS tests, performing control tasks via internal radio channels, in order to provide a safe and controlled environment for clients.


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