Applus+ IDIADA has extensive capabilities in the operation of automotive test facilities, from detailed maintenance programmes to training, software tools, and business models.


These capabilities ensure that the test facilities are operated efficiently, safely, and effectively, providing support to clients who want accurate, profitable and reliable testing centers for the automotive industry.

Maintenance programmes

These capabilities include developing detailed maintenance programmes for test tracks that cover all aspects of maintenance activities, equipment, and cost estimation. These programmes ensure that the test tracks are always in optimal conditions for conducting tests, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. We assist our clients in developing maintenance plans for their test tracks, which includes recommendations on preventive and regular maintenance activities, inspection schedules, and repair procedures.

Training programmes

We also provide training on the operation of the test facilities to ensure that the operators have the necessary knowledge and skills to run the facility smoothly. This includes the use of Proving Ground Management software, which helps to manage the testing procedures, data analysis, and track scheduling.

Electromobility charging management

In addition, IDIADA offers EV chargers management tools and software –such as EVIOM– to manage the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, which is becoming increasingly important as the use of electric vehicles continues to grow, which we have implemented in our Proving Ground.

Assessment of testing procedures

IDIADA can also assess the testing procedures used in the test facility to ensure that they meet the required standards and are optimized for efficiency. This includes conducting safety assessments to identify potential hazards and provide recommendations to minimize risk.

Support with operation and business models

IDIADA can also provide support in the development of operation and business models for test facilities. This includes identifying the key revenue streams, cost structures, and operational requirements, as well as providing recommendations on how to optimize these elements to achieve the best return on investment.


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