Certain systems and components of motor vehicles need to be approved as individual components, separate technical units or replacement parts for aftermarket. Applus IDIADA is also devoted to those types of homologation processes.


Applus IDIADA can carry out vehicle tests in the proving ground of our HQ or dynamometer bench tests in our laboratory in the UK. Alternatively, when possible, homologation engineers can move to the manufacturer’s premises to carry out or witness the homologation tests.

Applus IDIADA, as technical consultant for the Spanish administration, participates in the Geneva / Brussels working groups for regulation development.

The principal elements for which Applus IDIADA is designed for European homologation purposes are all types of lighting systems, rear-view mirrors, warning triangles, audible warning devices, electronic sub-assemblies, alarm systems & immobilisers, catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters, exhaust silencers, child restraint systems, seat belts, seats for buses and coaches, coupling devices, brake components, tires and trailer components.

All types of lighting systems. Applus IDIADA is an officially approved laboratory accredited and recognized internationally for the performance of tests for lighting and light-signalling devices with regard to components and their installation on vehicles:

  • ECE Regulations, EC Directives & EU Regulations
  • Taiwan's approval
  • TRIAS 22-2 (Japan)
  • ADR (Australia)
  • FMVSS 108 certification (U.S.A.)
  • CMVSS 108 certification (Canada)
  • Indian approval management
  • Chinese approval management

Rear-view mirrors. Tests and approvals according to ECE R46 (and other relevant international standards), with regard to rear-view mirrors and indirect vision systems

Warning triangles. Advanced-warning triangles homologation ECE R27

Audible warning devices. Homologation ECE R28

Electronic sub-assemblies. Electromagnetic compatibility homologation ECE R10 (and other international relevant standards)

Alarm systems & immobilisers. Approval with regard to protection against unauthorised use ECE R18, ECE R97, ECE R116 (and others)

Catalytic converters, DPF's. Approval of replacement anti-pollution devices with regard to ECE R103

Exhaust silencers. Approval of replacement exhaust silencers with regard to ECE R59

Child Restraint Systems. CRS's approval according to ECE R44 and ECE R129

Seat belts. Restraint systems homologation ECE R16

Seats for buses and coaches. Strength of the seats and their anchorages for large passenger vehicles homologation ECE R80 (and other relevant standards)

Brake components. Replacement brake component homologation ECE R90: Brake pads & shoes; Brake discs & drums

Coupling devices. Mechanical coupling device regulation No. 55 ECE: Towing balls (A) / coupling heads (B), drawbar couplings © / drawbar eyes (D), king pins (H) / fifth wheels (G) / mounting plates (J)

Tire components. Tire test / homologation & labelling

Trailer components. Trailer brake component homologation ECE R13: Trailer axle / brake cylinder / slack adjuster / inertia overrun brakes



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