Applus+ IDIADA offers winter tyre testing services at Test World’s facilities in Lapland (Finland)


    Customers will be able to use IDIADA’s skid trailer in the Arctic Circle for tyre behaviour and characterization testing to obtain adherence measurements in snow and ice driving environments.

    Test World facilities located in Ivalo, 300 km north of the Arctic Circle in the Finnish Lapland, are from now on a new available location for IDIADA’s customers to run tyre dynamics testing and characterization of specific parameters of tyre behaviour.

    On the one hand, IDIADA’s cutting-edge tyre testing equipment (skid trailer) will be available for tyre adherence testing, as well as for the characterization of specific parameters of tyre behaviour. On the other hand, its customers will benefit from Test World’s indoor winter testing facilities and extensive outdoor natural snow and ice tracks, as well as specifically designed wet and dry surfaces for braking and aquaplaning tests.

    Skid trailer: Tyre testing equipment for tyre modelling

    IDIADA’s skid trailer is part of the tyre testing equipment used for tyre characterization, which feeds the tyre model generation process. In doing so, two tyre models were obtained for further tyre virtual integration in vehicle simulation: The Magic Formula tyre model (MF-tyre), a pure parametric tyre model based on Pacejka formulation used for handling performance prediction; and the FTire®, a physical tyre model that allows the study of tyre frequency response as well as tyre handling response.

    The skid trailer’s tyre dynamics characterization capabilities can register tyre response when exposed to forces and motions both in free rolling and braking. Besides MF-tyre and FTire ® parametric models, the skid trailer allows tyre characterization by means of lateral, longitudinal and combined slip testing.

    IDIADA’s skid trailer has been operative since January 2015. Over these years, IDIADA has tuned it up to enhance its tyre characterization capabilities. First snow tests were performed in winter 2018, in which advanced studies of ground condition effects on tyres were carried out.

    According to Joan Puig, Tyre Development Product Manager at IDIADA’s Vehicle Dynamics Department, “our skid trailer can perform tyre characterization tests in indoor snow driving facilities, which makes it stand out against competitors’ bulkier skid trailers”.

    Janne Seurujärvi, Managing Director at Test World, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer skid trailer testing at our proving grounds in Northern Finland. It is a welcome addition to our wide range of winter tyre test services.”


    About Test World

    Test World is based in Northern Finland and specialises in vehicle and tyre testing in winter conditions.

    It offers extensive snow and ice tracks and the world’s first indoor winter test facilities for testing on natural snow and ice, and wet and dry braking with aquaplaning.

    Test World manages the tracks to give consistent, repeatable results that are highly valued by tyre and passenger car test teams alike. Customers benefit from the availability of service buildings nearby, from a wide range of accommodation and hospitality options, and from Test World’s legendary customer service.


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