Spain hosts the 40th meeting of the United Nations Informal Working Group on Electromagnetic Compatibility


    Applus+ IDIADA and Applus+ Laboratories were chosen to host the 40th meeting of the United Nations Informal Working Group on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IWG EMC) held on 17 and 18 October 2023, and to carry out the research tests related to emergency call systems in vehicles (AECSs).

    Applus+ IDIADA, on behalf of Spain, actively participates in this IWG of EMC, an entity that depends on the Working Group on Lighting and Light-Signalling (GRE) as a subsidiary body of the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulation (WP.29).

    The EMC IWG aims to develop, analyse, and implement amendment proposals for United Nations Regulation 10, which currently establishes the uniform provisions for the approval of electronic vehicles, systems, and components in relation to electromagnetic compatibility, as well as the obligation to test the AECSs in terms of EMC, without defining and harmonizing the procedure to be followed taking into account the complexity of these systems.

    This regulation understands electromagnetic compatibility as the ability of a vehicle or component(s) or separate technical(s) unit(s) not to cause electromagnetic interference to other equipment, and at the same time to function properly in the face of disturbances that may be caused by other systems, within its working environment, without affecting the safety of the vehicle, its occupants and other road users.

    Based on the results obtained during the research tests carried out at Applus+ Laboratories with vehicles equipped with AECSs and using currently available connectivity methods such as the public and emulated telephone network, the EMC IWG expects to agree on a specific test procedure in the near future and propose the reform of United Nations Regulation 10 in these terms. Once approved, the Regulation will become mandatory in Europe and in all countries adhering to the UN 58 agreement.


    This meeting served to agree on regulatory changes and carry out more specific research and analysis in order to develop the test and certification requirements for AECSs regarding EMC. In terms of participation, the event was attended by community representatives from different countries, as well as vehicle manufacturers of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).

    On behalf of Applus+ IDIADA, Nieves Estrada, engineer expert in homologations, EMC regulations and emergency call systems co-led the organization of the event together with Luís Guardiola, EMC & Wireless Technical expert, at Applus+ Laboratories.

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