Applus+ IDIADA’s Digital Solutions to expand portfolio with virtualization and AI-based products in 2024


    In 2024, Applus+ IDIADA’s Digital Solutions platform plans to offer new services related to test digitalization and artificial intelligence. Among the main AI-based tools, AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant) is IDIADA’s new private, secure, and reliable artificial intelligence system.

    Built on a flexible and secure architecture, AIDA offers a versatile platform for integrating multiple data sources. It boasts advanced capabilities like “chat with data”, “advanced retrieval augmented generation”, and “agents”, enabling complex tasks such as reasoning, code execution, or API calls.

    Although AIDA is intended for internal use in its initial stage, IDIADA Digital Solutions aims to initiate its commercialization during this year 2024, making the secure and confidential environment of AIDA available to clients for their own data exploitation, as well as new applications for report generation and review.

    According to Xavier Vizcaíno, DataLab Leader at IDIADA, “AIDA marks a qualitative leap in our ability to analyse large volumes of data, automate tasks and generate value. With it, we are taking a step forward towards our vision of providing global, integrated digital solutions that bring value to our clients.”

    This outcome has provided a significant opportunity for IDIADA's DataLab team to enhance our expertise in large language models (LLM) and GenAI frameworks like LangChain and LlamaIndex. The acquired know-how is already being applied to develop new multimodal digital tools –combining text with images–  for process optimization and generating additional value in the company's core activities.

    IDIADA Digital Solutions: A further step in our digital transformation

    In 2021, IDIADA established its Digital Solutions department to drive innovation through digital tools and processes. Since then, we have been optimizing data strategies, developing customized solutions for our clients, and preparing for the technological revolution.

    IDIADA Digital Solutions online platform closed its first year of service, consolidating some of its own new solutions for the automotive industry.  Among those in high demand in 2023 were the virtual proving ground for simulations and calculations, primarily acquired by driving simulator manufacturers to provide to their clients. IDIADA’s web-based tools for recreating and analyzing different performance metrics based on defined parameters were also popular, such as Dynasoft. Vehicle data obtained from IDIADA’s own tests proved valuable as well.

    In addition to the platform's own products, other already existing products have also proven their worth, such as IRIS, IDIADA's information system for directives and regulations.

    José Manuel Barrios, Head of Digital Business at IDIADA states: “After a very good first year consolidating our own products, in 2024 we will expand our portfolio with digitalization and artificial intelligence solutions that will help drive innovation in the sector. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in the success of our products and in the fact that we are anticipating new ones that, we hope, will set the standard for the industry to follow.”

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