S2A and IDIADA join efforts to investigate aerodynamics of real-driving events


    S2A and IDIADA are engaged in a collaborative research project to investigate aerodynamic drag in real-driving conditions, since the effect of traffic events and real wind is not taken into consideration in standard wind tunnel tests and Computational Field Dynamics (CFD) simulations.

    S2A & IDIADA will characterize the flow-field in many driving events such as dense traffic, overtaking, crossing manoeuvres and crosswind, among others, and will analyse several fluid dynamic properties such as air speed, pressure, or turbulence intensity.  The deep understanding of real airflows will allow S2A and IDIADA to design more realistic measuring techniques and reproduce such driving conditions more accurately in the wind tunnel as well as by CFD simulation.

    The final goal of this investigation is not only to reproduce these real-driving conditions in the wind tunnel and on the computer, but also to understand the key importance of each one and propose an alternative air drag assessment method that averages their importance.

    As a result of this joint research, both companies expect to help vehicle OEMs by providing more complete aerodynamic assessments. 

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