Applus+ IDIADA continues to enhance its Proving Ground test tracks for 2023


    IDIADA's Test Facility Design team has designed and implemented a significant test track maintenance plan during the 2022/23 winter season. The main objectives of this work have been to maximize the safety of users, ensure that our testing surfaces remain in optimum conditions, and to increase testing options for Proving Ground customers.

    Breakdown of improvements carried out

    Dynamic Platform A (DP-A) has been completely resurfaced, covering a total area of 83,000 m². The project has been completed in record time (18 December 2022 until 22 January 2023) considering that the complete surface was milled (around 12,000 tonnes of material) with an automatic 3D levelling system. This has resulted in a single plane prior to the binder layer, which is the key layer to obtain the best planimetry and evenness required in the top layer.

    Finally, after many technically demanding days, the wearing course (8,000 tonnes) on the platform area and acceleration straights was finished, fulfilling the homogeneity and evenness essential to the testing programmes being performed on the Dynamic Platform. Other improvements carried out include the paving of the run-off areas and new drainage elements that increase user safety and testing efficiency.

    Both pass-by-noise surfaces on DP-A have also been renewed in accordance with the latest ISO10844:2021 regulation to keep in line with vehicle and components homologation standards.

    Additionally, the Aquaplaning straight of Straight-Line Braking Surfaces Zone 1 has also been resurfaced to ensure uniformity and to comply with the regulation required for testing on this facility.

    Although this is a relatively small area, 500 m², no detail can be neglected. Milling with a 3D levelling system and paving between the irrigation systems of the straight to ensure the perfect plane and guarantee a constant water film throughout the length and width of the lane.

    To increase safety for users of the ADAS/CAV Platform, an S-bend has also been incorporated into the intersection zone.


    All the improvement works have been completed, and test tracks are now back in operation and open to our customers as usual.

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