Sustainable last-mile delivery is growing rapidly, making the management of logistics flows in urban areas a more complex process. With higher demand for flexibility in new solutions to optimise overall transport capacity, reduce operational costs, and limit negative impacts such as health and safety, logistics operators shouldn’t have to choose between “one size fits all” and “design for purpose”.

    URBANIZED confronts the challenges of balancing trade-offs in urban freight transport (UFT) services head-on. Our multi-disciplinary consortium of 9 partners from 6 EU countries involves all relevant actors from the value chain, from academic, to industrial (TIER1, OEMs) and logistics operators, so our solutions can drive the sustainable urban transition by making zero-emissions vehicles the best option for everyone.


    Our vision:

    URBANIZED aims for future proof urban-readiness by solving the trade-offs between “one size fits all” and “design for purpose” approaches to sustainable last-mile delivery in the design of modular all-electric LCVs. We develop and demonstrate the next generation of modular vehicle architectures for urban-sized commercial e-vehicles, satisfying design principles of optimisation and right-sizing vehicles for their mission.



    Urban freight transport (UFT) is integral to keeping urban life moving – if UFT stops our cities stop. The URBANIZED observatory tracks and analyses trends shaping the future of urban logistics and commercial vehicles, providing stakeholders in the UFT value chain with the insights needed to support their decision-making.

    • Check out our innovative approach to solving UFT trade-offs
    • Explore our observatory for insights into the world of UFT
    • Reach out to learn how our solutions can help you


    Find out more on our website at www.urbanized.eu or contact us via contact@urbanized.eu


    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement number 101006943.



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