NeMo’s vision is to create a Hyper-Network of new and existing tools, models and services which will provide seamless interoperability of electro-mobility services, creating an open, distributed and widely accepted ecosystem for electro-mobility.

    NeMo will boost the market share of EVs by enabling increased accessibility to charging infrastructure, ICT services and wider B2B interconnectivity. NeMo will facilitate increased service availability, better planning and more secure electric grid operation, by making backend data and services accessible to the right actors and bringing down digital (interfaces) and physical (location) barriers.
    NeMo’s objectives are to:
    1. Design and develop a Hyper-Network of electro-mobility services: Enabling the provision of seamless and interoperable ICT services, to all users and actors relevant to e-mobility (including smart charging and grid/energy-oriented services) throughout Europe.
    2. Develop the backbone of this Hyper-Network: by creating common information models for objects, data and services.
    3. Develop a self-certification mechanism: Through conformity tools and processes to establish the quality and integrity of both data and services, enabling an efficient and affordable integration of new and multiple partners and services within the Hyper-Network.
    4. Develop a pan-European eRoaming framework: by linking existing e-mobility roaming platforms and by designing a common and open European Inter-Roaming protocol.
    5. Address any operational and organisational issue arising from the increased B2B connectivity: Develop new business models and scenarios for all involved actors aiming at increased user base and new revenue opportunities.
    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement number 713794.

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