HEADSTART project aims to define testing and validation procedures of Connected and Automated Driving functions including key technologies such as communications, cyber-security and positioning. The tests will be in both simulation and real-world fields to validate safety and security performance according to the key users’ needs.

    The expected impact of HEADSTART project is based on three main action pillars:

    • Testing and validation: Potentiation of development strategies bringing time and costs reduction;
    • Assessment: Creation of assessment protocols increasing vehicle safety awareness;
    • Certification: Support of regulations ensuring the safe introduction of CAD technologies to the market.


    The main technical approach is:

    • Integration of positioning, communications and cyber-security in CAD test scenarios
    • Comprehensive procedure for the allocation of test cases per testing platform
    • Selection criteria and specification for proving ground test scenarios taking into account criticality
    • Proving ground testing and validation
    • Correlation between simulation and proving ground results
    • Harmonized, open result compilation and sharing
    • Field trial test methodology description
    • Cyber-security principles and integration in the testing methodology


    During its initial months the HEADSTART project has:

    • Compiled worldwide state-of-the-art on scenario-based validation and testing initiatives.
    • Analysed and summarized CAV testing needs of several stakeholders including: OEMs and TierXs, type approval authorities and technical services, commercial testing initiatives, academia.
    • Created the expert network with its 6 subgroups.


    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement number 824309.