The aim of the eCUB project is to improve and design supercapacitors by increasing significantly its useful life and demonstrate the benefits of install supercapacitors in an electric vehicle.

    Currently the market forces to investigate and develop sustainable and high long period performance energy storage systems. Usually electric vehicles are based in a lithium battery that are able to integrate supercapacitors in the energy storage system so it can hold higher charges and discharges. That way the vehicle can improve its battery performance and life by maintaining the charge in a more conservative way. The first phase of the eCUB project was focused on investigate which technology of supercapacitors are more adequate and can be integrate in prototype vehicle to demonstrate its benefits.

    When the supercapacitors will be produced, they will be integrated into an electric vehicle, a 3.5-ton light truck previously developed by IDIADA, in order to demonstrate the benefits of the lithium battery / supercapacitor combination. Due to the weight of the vehicle, the characteristics of the supercapacitors open many doors in terms of performance, such as having a regenerative brake with more energy recovery.

    As a result, the following points will be achieved:
    • A supercapacitor based on nanofibers (laboratory level)
    • A supercapacitor based on tape casting technology (laboratory level)
    • A factory-produced supercapacitor based on the best of the above options
    • A prototype electric vehicle integrating a combination of lithium battery / supercapacitors

    The project has been financed by the Agency for the competitiveness of the Company (ACCIO).

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