Powertrain department of Applus IDIADA offers to their customers several kind of powertrain services on different type of vehicles: motorbikes, light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.






Our technical capabilities combined with our long automotive experience on different areas are summarized in the following services:

Exhaust emissions & fuel consumption

  • Development and test services of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption according to any standard (EU, EPA, CARB, Japan, Brazil) or customer requirements
  • Vehicle emission test cells for 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles
  • Vehicle emissions test cells at ambient temperature and climatic chamber
  • Catalyst efficiency evaluation: Real-time data analysis for pre-cat, mid-bed and post-cat measurement
  • Development and engine calibration services on light, medium and heavy duty engines. Optimization of engine behavior to fulfill the emissions and FE targets (for emissions, FC and EOBD & OBD II)
  • Validation programs for emissions USA certification (EPA and CARB)
  • On board system emissions measurements
  • Energy consumption and electric range to any standard (EU, EPA, CARB, Japan) or customer requirements
  • Integrated to a energy management system measurement (management of the voltage and intensity to or from the battery on hybrid and electric vehicles)
  • Alternative fuel emissions
  • Non – regulated emissions (speciation of aldehydes, ketones, alcohols and hidrocarbons) by HPLC, GC and FTIR
  • Measurement of SOF, SOOT, and Sulfate in diesel particulate emissions

Performance & driveability

  • Road load (coast down)
  • Vehicle performances
  • Driveability
  • Shift quality (AT, AMT, DCT, CVT)
  • Clutch pedal and gearshifter operation (MT)

ECU calibration

  • Engine ECU applicationOn-engine ECU application
  • In-vehicle ECU application
  • Engine ECU application: Support services

Fuel systems

  • Activities in canister
  • Activities on passenger car and motorcycles
  • Fuel hoses testing

Engine cooling & heat damage

Our main capabilities includes:

  • Engine Heat rejection on test bench
  • System sizing by 1D tools and component characterization on test benches
  • CAD design and System integration
  • Cooling package airflow
  • System Development
New front-end developments
Development of Cooling, Lubrication, Air intake, Exhaust and Fuel systems
Underhood and underbody thermal analysis
All activities supported by 3D tools (StarCCM +, Fluent, Radtherm…)

Powertrain benchmarking

  • Complete program management (test car sampling, logistics, test procedures definition, reporting, analysis…)
  • Complete vehicle instrumentation (temperatures, pressures, CAN parameters…)
  • Coastdowns
  • Emission tests and fuel consumption
  • Performance testing on proving ground
  • Performance testing on chassis dyno
  • Driveability in climatic chamber
  • Driveability on proving ground
  • Shiftability
  • Engine mapping (emissions and FC)
  • Interior and exterior noise

Driveline and transmission integration

  • Specification & calculation
  • Transmission packaging
  • Transmission integration and benchmarking
  • Calibration and debugging
  • Transmission validation

Powertrain NVH

  • Engine noise characterisation
  • Exhaust and intake noise
  • Transimission fatigue
  • Transmission noise (torsional vibration, whinning)

Durability and realibility

  • Durability of exhaust after treatment devices in chassis dynamometer or engine test
  • Powertrain and vehicle components durability tests
  • Fleet monitoring
  • OBD monitoring
  • Taylor-made durability tests according to customer’s specification
  • Powertrain tests during the mileage accumulation (performances, emissions, FE…)
  • General durability / quality tests
  • Technical management of the test
  • Tests can be performed in mileage accumulation chassis dynamometers, engine test beds, test tracks, public roads, and special geographic areas regarding special climate conditions or road surfaces
Alternative fuels
  • Evaluation and development of alternative engines and fuel systems for alternative fuels use: CNG, LPG and biofuels (ethanol, FAME…)
  • Diesel to CNG engine conversion
  • Biofuels impact evaluation
  • IDIADA provides all the necessary alternative fuel infrastructure for testing and application