Applus+IDIADA’s experts specify the requirements and work with the supplier to find the desired solution in all the stages: architecture design, development, testing, integration and validation:
  • Infotainment architecture and integration
    • Infotainment architecture design
    • Functional definition and supplier management (requirements management, HMI concept supervision)
    • Functional and integration testing


  • HMI design and development
    • HMI design and system integration
      • HMI objective evaluation (design guidelines and UX best practices)
      • Analysis of impact of features on HMI (NVR, Alerts & Warnings…)
    • Remote monitoring (via smartphone apps)


  • New driving simulator to support new vehicle development programmes with advanced technology in the following areas
    • UI/IxD/UX (dashboard concepts, HAD requirements, etc.)
    • AD/ADAS (failure mode analysis, system algorithms validation and calibration, etc.)
    • Autonomous vehicle (environmental simulation for CAV, safety validation [Controllability], etc.)
    • Control systems