Complete electric vehicle development projects

Applus IDIADA is full service engineering and testing partner for electric and hybrid vehicle development projects. Some examples of vehicle projects include:

  •  Light electric truck conversion
  • E-born3 clean sheet vehicle development
  • Electric AWD vehicle with 4 EMs for torque vectoring
  • Electric scooter development
  • Lightweight vehicle development

Also we provide partial development projects such as:

  • Concept studies
  • Component specification & supplier management
  • Electric scooter development
  • Lightweight vehicle development
  • Development of drive control and energy management software
  • E-motor / HEV powertrain testing & calibration
  • First run and validation of the vehicle
  • Charger and charger interface integration

Charger testing

CHAdeMO charger & mode 4 compliance testing

Testing with a battery simulator enables:

  • Abnormal failure testing
  • Different voltage and power levels
  • Simulated battery can be set “empty” immediately, repeated testing possible DC

Onboard charger testing

Communication tests, thermal stability, performance, efficiency, electric safety using battery simulator.

EVSE (charging station) mode 3 compliance testing

With 9kW three-phase A/C load checks of pilot states, PWM signals, normal start/stop, abnormal failure and malfunction