Applus IDIADA is able to carry out all crash testing activities related to worldwide standards thanks to its state-of-the-art crash test laboratory. This facility is equipped with the latest technologies and tools and offers flexibility and quick lead times thanks to its optimized organization in different working shifts.






Applus IDIADA as facilities and processes hold different accreditations under ISO 17025 standard and others (TRIAS, FIA...etc).

Applus IDIADA is a Euro NCAP official test house for all testing.

Applus + IDIADA has test circuits needed to develop and evaluate the performance of road infrastructure devices as safety barriers for roads, road elements, guardrails and shock absorption devices.

The scope of full-vehicle passive safety testing is detailed below:

  • Crash testing according to legal standards (i.e. UN ECE Regulations, EU Directives, FMVSS, TRIAS)
  • Crash testing according to consumer programs (i.e. Euro NCAP, US NCAP, IIHS, J-NCAP, C-NCAP)
  • Rollover testing (transverse, longitudinal, ditch, sound bed)
  • Misuse testing
  •  Road infrastructure testing for light and heavy vehicles
  • Road infrastructure testing for motorcyclist injury mitigation