During the development of most automotive related systems, it is essential to know how, once validated, the new feature will perform in real-world scenarios, especially in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).


To be able to study each ADAS system and later do tests in a simulator emulating normal public road conditions, real data is a must. This data can be obtained with a “Field Operational Test” (FOT), where one or more road legal vehicles equipped with a series of sensors travel the roads looking for special scenarios to be able to record all necessary data for the system development.

The large amount of data acquired with the sensors can then be sent directly to the customer, with maximum quality and confidentiality standards or even processed and analysed by IDIADA.

In order to cover all possible scenarios, this kind of test generally involves a large number of vehicles, a relatively large test area and high overall mileage goals.

With this methodology we are able to randomize test conditions and validate the user to interface suitability, the system’s performance in a wide range of scenarios and its reaction to real-world conditions once the system is released.

IDIADA is present in 22 countries with a global office and workshop network. We have extensive experience in FOTs and are specialized in test assessment, preparation, managing and results delivery in a wide variety of countries and conditions, assuring the suitability of the test and adapting the methodology to different traffic, weather and social environments from each region

From vehicle reception and its preparation, transport to test area and technical preparation through the management of the test itself, legal requirements and analysis of results, we take our highest standards wherever needed to assure the smoothness of the operation and the quality of the final results.

Apart from ADAS systems development, FOT tests can also be used for other purposes such as:

  • Country/Region traffic particularities recognition
  • Durability testing, with different vehicle usage within the same test
  • Reverse engineering
  • Infotainment, online services and multimedia testing

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