Having capabilities to support OEM and TIER 1 suppliers in the development of their engines and systems, Applus IDIADA as engine engineering expertise focuses on engine calibration for performances and emissions of both light-duty applications as passenger cars, light-duty trucks and motorbikes as well as heavy duty and off-road engines such as trucks, buses, marine and power generation engines.


The engine engineering department has a comprehensive human resources team trained for the development of the activities at Applus IDIADA as main facilities, utilizing the 4 engine test cells with automated systems with DOE and emissions analyzers (2 engine test cells equipped for light-duty engines and 2 engine test cells for heavy-duty and off-road) as well as working on client’s facilities.

The main activities performed, valid for spark ignition, diesel and dual engines, naturally aspirated and turbocharged, are described below:

Engine performances calibration

  •  Base maps
  •  Optimization of full load maps
  •  Partial load, low and high idle maps
  •  Stationary and transient optimization
  •  Wastegated and VGT turbochargers
  •  Open and closed lambda control
  •  Main injection, advance, phasing
  •  Use of advanced tools such as in-cylinder pressure
  •  Automatization of calibration with INCA and CAMEO 

Engine emissions calibration

  •  Calibration for CO, THC, CH4, NMHC, NOx , PM and smoke
  •  Optimization of NOx rates for DOC and DPF systems
  •  High and low pressure EGR calibration
  •  Optimization of catalyst light-off
  •  Optimization of catalyst, 2 or 3-way operation
  •  Emissions cycle and not to exceed calibration
  •  Pre, main and post injections
  •  Use of advanced tools such as in-cylinder pressure
  •  Automatization of calibration with INCA and CAMEO

Engine aftertreatment calibration

  •  Optimization of NO2-NOx rates for passive DPF systems with DOC
  •  Optimization of active regeneration of active DPF system
  •  AdBlue injection calibration for SCR systems
  •  Optimization of catalyst light-off
  •  Validation of catalysts with high sulfur fuel content
  •  Emissions cycle and not to exceed calibration of 3-WAY, SCR and DPF systems
  •  Backpressure minimization, including DPF systems
  •  Emissions deterioration factor
  •  Minimization of NH3 slip of SCR systems
  •  Automatization of calibration with INCA and CAMEO.

Engine durability

  • Durability cycle design
  • Test at 24h / 7 days per week
  • Functional durability to validate engine design
  • Aftertreatment durability, ageing
  • Thermal shock
  • Engine wear inspection
  • Consultancy on engine wear

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