Complete vehicle durability and reliability

Whole-vehicle durability services provided by a team of more than 180 staff with over 15 years' experience and international operational capacity. Our organization structure, size and international presence allow us to offer flexible and customized solutions to our clients, from the provision of resources and logistic support, to complete services on a turnkey basis with client-integrated technical support.

Our professional team together with state-of-art data acquisition equipment, post-processing tools and extensive test capabilities, will help your company to enhance the durability, reliability and quality of your product and brand image.

Main services:

  • Fleet validation
  • Structural durability
  • High-speed / Powertrain
  • General durability / Quality programs
  • Accelerated corrosion
  • Tests in extreme weather conditions
  • Worldwide durability
  • Component or specific tests:
Tyre wear tests
Market driver assessments

Reduction of development time is also guaranteed by the combination of optimized test procedures, 24 hours/day, 7 days per week service, excellent weather conditions and complete proving ground.

Structural durability

Applus IDADA offers complete engineering and testing services to study the structural durability of vehicles and components.

Simulation and testing techniques are correctly combined to define and validate the durability targets. From the testing point of view, accelerated testing programmes are required by automotive companies in order to reduce the time to develop new products.

At Applus IDIADA, we count on first-class state-of-the-art engineering tools, testing facilities and proving ground complex to give our OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers first-class support for the development of their products (around the world) considering durability criteria.

Our wide experienced and international engineering and technical team, mean our services cover all the phases of the development project: fatigue analysis based on Finite Element Analysis, the design of the accelerated test programme and the execution of the test itself.

Service breakdown:

  • CAE Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Accelerated test design:
Based on the analysis and extrapolation of the information collected directly in market (Road Load Data) in order to design an endurance schedule using the accelerated fatigue surfaces of the proving ground or test benches. (For further information, see our pdf "Accelerated test design")
  • Structural durability On Road test or Bench tests (components and subsystems):
Tests done on the specific test track surfaces or 4-poster road simulator combined with the expert failure analysis to obtain the most realistic results. (For further information, see our pdf "Test bench tests")
  • Running test (vehicle)

Worldwide durability test

The development of vehicles for external markets requires the testing of vehicles in the most realistic conditions.

The purpose of International durability programmes is to check the reliability of the vehicles in the destination markets by running them according to the most representative driving profiles, road and weather conditions.

Applus IDIADA is able to provide a global service to manage these reliability tests in the countries in which the main car manufacturers are interested.

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