Styling feasibility


  • Verification that both legislation and internal OEM standards requirements have been met

Technical feasibility


  • Verification that production and structural requirements have been met
Stamping feasibility
Weld access
Assembly sequencing
Section areas
Material thickness
Paint access
Paint drainage
3D component design
BIW-space frame
  • Space frame design for small or special vehicles
  • Body and chassis frame design for buses and coaches



  • Bodies with stamped components



  • Bonnets
  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Tailgates
  • Filler doors

Exterior and interior trim


  • Dashboard elements
  • Cockpit modules
  • Frontend modules
  • Front and rear bumper systems
  • Side door trims
Package, gaps and offsets
Volume definition
Tolerance calculations
  • Trunk elements
  • Front seats
  • Rear seat systems

Process quality control


  • Weld gun access studies
  • Stamping feasibility
  • Mold flow investigations
  • Studies and optimization of tolerances

2D assembly sequence schemes


  • A4 format for ease of handling intended for both design and process engineering use

2D detail and assembly drawings / Explosion drawings


Assembly instructions.


  • Final assembly process sheets