Benchmarking, vehicle concept 


Applus IDIADA can assist clients in finding the final concept for their future product using the following tools in the early stage of development


  • Static and dynamic vehicle benchmarking
  • Frontloading: CAD / CAE Morphing for derivative vehicles
  • Styling renderings
  • Basic design feasibility
  • Basic vehicle layout
  • Packaging studies

Project targets & constraints


  • Domestic and export market (e.g.: India and Europe)
  • Minimize the penalty over the domestic version due to the export version (e.g.: weight penalty, extra tooling costs, manufacturing line incompatibilities, etc)
  • Achieve export market targets (e.g. 5 Stars Euro NCAP) maximizing the number of carry over parts from the domestic version

Benchmarking, dimensions


Benchmarking, constructive solutions


Benchmarking, performance


Target setting

  • Market specific requests
  • Benchmarking
  • Project constraints
  • Legal requirements.