IDIADA offers first-class facilities and engineering services for the testing and development of battery systems. Our approach is function-oriented, by merging our design engineering capabilities with expert technical proficiency in traction batteries.


Testing & validation

Aging & performance testing:

We evaluate the endurance of your battery systems through a demanding programme in which performance and subsequent deterioration of the system and its components is thoroughly measured. 

  • End-of-Life testing
  • Calendar and cycling aging
  • Endurance tests with customized profiles
  • Durability standard cycles such as: HTOE, PTCE, …


We execute a full design validation plan (DVP) at cell, module and battery system level, including pre-damaged samples.

  • Charging and discharging performance
  • Real driving cycles at different temperatures
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Validation of BMS functions


Abuse testing & Safety validation:

Through a comprehensive program of electrical, mechanical and thermal abuse, crash and misuse testing, we can perform full  validation services, including BEV and FCEV traction components. At IDIADA we validate your battery systems assuring they are fit to be marketed through tests adapted to various worldwide standards and regulations such as ECE R100,03, UN 38,3 and FreedomCAR.

  • Electrical abuse testing: Short-circuit, Over charge, Over discharge, Insulation resistance,…
  • Thermal testing: Over-heating, Thermal shock, Thermal propagation,…
  • Mechanical abuse testing: Drop test, Nail penetration, Vibration, Mechanical shock,…
  • Other testing: Water immersion,…



IDIADA is well-equipped, with cutting-edge facilities designed to handle pre-damaged samples, battery failures and other unexpected events.


Battery lab for aging and performance testing:

  • Climatized testing containers from -30ºC up to 60ºC.
  • Coolant conditioner of 15kW @ 0ºC
  • Battery cyclers up to 160kW/600V/600A (soon 250kW/1000V/1000A)
  • Module cyclers up to 50kW/750V/150A
  • More than 100 data channels
  • Voltage, Current, Temperature (thermocouples and NTCs), Strain gauges, Gas sensors, Video cameras,…


Battery abuse testing area:

  • Testing container for battery
  • Testing container for modules and cells
  • Control room and 45kVA of power



The battery engineering services, combined with our complementary services in the electric (EV) and hybrid (HEV, PHEV) vehicle field, place IDIADA in a leading position to support your battery systems development, from concept to full vehicle validation.


Battery system design:

IDIADA’s expertise covers a wide range of stages in the design of vehicle battery systems from scratch. From cell selection to vehicle integration, our battery development services cover the following processes:

  • Cell selection and cell integration to module architecture definition
  • Battery architecture definition
  • Battery design: housing and thermal system
  • BMS integration, power box and junction box design
  • Battery system design validation plan definition and execution
  • Full engineering support in HV safety & battery safety


Virtual development:

From virtual design to virtual validation, IDIADA’s experts are able to predict battery behaviour avoiding extra manufacturing and validation costs. Our experimental validation processes can be replicated to all virtual test models.

  • Our virtual design expertise is key in the reduction of manufacturing costs through the implementation of battery optimization strategies
  • Battery modelling conducted through our characterization methodology based on testing provides extensive data on battery behavior
  • Our virtual validation approach consists of an advanced thermal and electrical simulation, from which we gather valuable data on battery systems’ reliability