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22nd ESV, Washington, 2011

For the assessment of vehicle safety in frontal collisions, the crash compatibility between the colliding vehicles is crucial. Compatibility compromises both the self protection and the partner protection properties of vehicles.

For the accident data analysis, the CCIS (GB) and GIDAS (DE) in-depth data bases were used. Selection criteria were frontal car accidents with car in compliance with ECE R94. For this study belted adult occupants in the front seats sustaining MAIS 2+ injuries were studied. Following this analysis FIMCAR concluded that the following compatibility issues are relevant:

  • Poor structural interaction (especially low overlap and over/underriding)

  • Compartment strength

  • Frontal force mismatch with lower priority than poor structural interaction

In addition injuries arising from the acceleration loading of the occupant are present in a significant portion of frontal crashes.

Based on the findings of the accident analysis the aims that shall be addressed by the proposed assessment approach were defined and priorities were allocated to them. The aims and priorities shall help to decide on suitable test procedures and appropriate metrics. In general it is anticipated that a full overlap and off-set test procedure is the most appropriate set of tests to assess a vehicle’s frontal impact self and partner protection.

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