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Road infrastructure

Applus IDIADA developed an integral service for the development roadside elements friendly in case of an accident following the requirements detailed in the European and national standards: EN 1317-1, 1317-2 (European standard for the testing of road safety systems. Applies to road barriers, bridge fences and energy absorbers. The energy absorption and vehicle re-conducting capabilities are evaluated); UNE 135900 (Spanish norm for the evaluation of motorcyclist protection systems, to be installed in vehicle restraint barriers. Continuous and punctual systems are considered. Generally, the protection system is attached to the vehicle barrier, which is installed in normal working conditions. The system has to re-conduct the dummy and minimize the forces produced in the neck); EN 12767 (European Norm regarding urban and road furniture. Post crash velocities and vehicle behavior are evaluated)

Applus IDIADA is working in several projects where the research is focused in the application of advanced communication systems, new materials and new profiles to maximize the performance and protection of the roadside elements in case of accident

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Smart RRS: Smart Road Restraint Systems

Development of new smart road restraint systems integrating sensors and providing protection to all road users

Caucho armado

Development of new road restraint systems based on the application of new materials (p.e. rubber)


New concepts for rigid barriers manufactured “in situ”


PG overview
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