Started: May 2015
Duration: 42 months
Total budget: 6.931.978 EUR
Coordinator: Andrés Aparicio, Applus+ IDIADA
Partners: Applus+ IDIADA, AUDI, BASt, BOSCH, BMW, CONTINENTAL, CHALMERS, DAIMLER, IFSTTAR, 4activeSystems, TNO, TOYOTA, University of Budapest, University Of Amsterdam, University Of Nottingham, VOLVO, VTI
Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists remain a pending issue for road safety. Pedestrian and cyclist fatalities account for 28% of road fatalities in EU. This fact shows the magnitude of the problem.
The first Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems that avoid and mitigate Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) accidents have been recently introduced in the market. Nevertheless there is high potential for improvement in this field.
To achieve the overall goal of VRU accident and injury reduction, PROSPECT targets five key objectives across multiple domains:
  • Better understanding of relevant VRU scenarios by means of statistical accident studies and naturalistic urban observations.
  • Improved VRU sensing using enlarged VRU sensor coverage as well as improved sensor and situational analysis.
  • Advanced system control strategies such as combined steering and/or braking and advanced actuator concepts.
  • Project demonstrators that integrate the previous concepts.
  • Validation in realistic traffic scenarios, user acceptance tests and test methodologies that will be proposed to Euro NCAP for standardization.


Carles Grasas appointed Vice President – Europe in FISITA

Carles Grasas has been elected Vice President for Europe of FISITA (International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies) on the proposal of the president of the federation and its International Council.

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